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Check Advance

Use your intuition and smarts before plunging into a business relationship with one of these providers.

Check Advance System

In this life you can't afford to sit back and watch your financial demands pile up. You need action, and there might come a time when paycheck advance loans will be the only action in town.

Check advance information

"Check advance" is another word for payday loans, which is another word for cash advance, which is another word for fast money NOW. It is a check that is delivered to you ahead of your paycheck - your check, they advance the cash. There you have it. However, this is not from your employer, it is from a lender. You are borrowing money from the provider who will want the money back.

These loans are not the beneficial tools they should be

Although it may seem like free money, that could not be farther from the truth. Check advances simply give you the financial freedom you need until your next payday. You apply for the financial product, and within hours it is deposited in your bank account. You are given 2 weeks grace period, and then the money owed will be taken from your bank account. However, it is not only the actual amount you requested, but also the incredibly high interest rates or fees that you have to pay back. So, if you requested the amount that you thought your next paycheck would cover, you might not be able to pay the lender back in full. The interest rates or fees are so high they can even double the amount that you borrowed. Please read all the fine print before you decide to get one.

The difficulty of a check advance

Once you find that the amount you owe back is more than you can afford, your debt dilemma has begun. The advance system is characterized by even higher interest rates, penalty fees and finance charges, once you miss a payment, or don't pay back in full. Just one time and you are in a lot of debt. That is why we tell people to be wary. Analyze your financial situation before you take out a loan. If you can not afford it, do not apply. It becomes more and more difficult to get out of debt after your first missed payment because of the additional charges that are piled on. Lenders stay in business by putting you in debt and keeping you there. They make a lot of money off of your financial misfortunes. To avoid falling into the trap, read the following tips:

How to research a prospective provider

These financial products are cause for concern, so be sure you have looked at other options before proceeding. Admittedly, we are products of a capitalist society. As in any enterprise or industry, there will be both good and bad. Although it may be find to locate one, there are more ethical services to look into. A good way of safeguarding yourself is to do your homework beforehand. Research the company before signing anything. Many of the sketchy providers of these loans count on the urgent demand that provokes the majority of applicants to see this source of funding. Hence, they rely on the stressed-out consumer, in a situation of critical duress, to forgo lender research and plunge blindly ahead, without a clear mind. Don't let this happen to you. Take a few moments before signing your life away. A good place to start is to research the cash advance company at the Better Business Bureau's website. Furthermore, check them out at If there are no complaints registered, you just may be in luck.

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